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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 15, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> remember these guys? huge in the late 90's when they were kids, hanson. now they're all grown up. they're going back on tour. this is going to celebrate their 25th anniversary music. can you believe that, 25
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years. coming to philadelphia on september 28th. so, if you're big hanson fan, mark your calendar. >> twenty-five years? >> yes. >> oh, what a remind their we're all getting older. >> right? i had that albumn. >> really? >> oh, ya i did. >> so easy to get stuck in your head, too, that do-op. >> ♪ >> skooby doo ♪ >> what? are you sing skooby do? that's my go to. >> i never know. i never know the right words to the songs. hi, car glenn good morning, guys. thanks for joining us. >> thank for having me, so nice to not be dealing with all of the snow, i think people are finally getting it together. although a the loft kids are still home. my kids had two hour delay. so my husband going crazy, i can't wait. >> what did they do yesterday? played in the snow. >> rana muck. watched tv. thought it was a weaken. it is not a weekends, it is a snow day. >> live for that as children. >> i know. snow days are the best. >> good day to you, it is wednesday, march 15th, 2017. is one of your favorite recess games coming to an end?
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can you believe this? one school is banning the game of tag. we'll tell you why. >> also ahead, take look at the picture right here. did beyonce reveal the sex of the twins? what the beehive spotted in this photo, that has them convinced that she just dropped a big hint. >> oh, no. we might be reaching with that one. but we'll see. and the flower show is in town. >> don't do it. >> did you know you can eat flowers? yes, when you go there, they have like flower tasting, i had a lot of fun, tried all different kinds. so now i'm on zested when flowers, what else can you do with flowers? in today's alex around town, i'll slow you a place where you can drink them this week. drink flowers. ya. >> this is the reason why you had to pick tp from the supermarket, right? all of that flower eating? >> tp? is that what you call it? >> toilet paper. is that more appropriate way to say it, tp? >> i was thinking of something completely different. okay, how close is too close whether it comes to your best friends and your significant
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other? we really want your opinion on this one, we already know people on social media have a lot to say on things, but right now they're talking about russell wilson. he seems to have agree great marriage. >> -- marriage, great relationship, so cute, always posting pictures, going to events together, she's at the game. but some people are fired up about the latest video posted on instagram. so it shows the couple one of them remember this one she did when pregnant, sank to go whitney houston? this latest video it, shows the couple allege mutual friend yolanda may be getting little too close for comfort. so many people like they didn't intentionally post this. it happened and i just want you to watch what russell wilson does with sierra's friends yolanda, tell me, do you think this is appropriate? >> i think the biggest thing -- >> one of my best friend's sierra's best friend. >> so, did you catch that? he asked sierra's best friend, he said come sit on my lap.
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some people say is that really appropriate to ask your wife's best friends to sit on your lap? they're saying sierra, check russell, this is inapropriate behavior. others think maybe this is just being blown out of proportion, innocent, maybe she needed a place to sit, maybe no other chairs. >> is that her best friend too? his? >> it is her best friend. >> but they're also friends? >> i meanest's married to sierra, so her best friends become -- >> like you point the finger, russell was in the fault what about the girlfriends? shouldn't the girlfriends have said wait a minute i'm good? >> no, i'm the first one to thought this would be totally over the line. i think not at all. i think totally innocent the way it was. i thought i had seen a different picture of them. >> this was just a thing, like this is my wife's best friend, here come over, sit down, talking on facebook thing, totally fine. i don't think there is anything wrong. i don't think their body language was too weird. have you seen a friends that gets too close to your man, literally in the space, i don't read anything like that. >> she was literally on his lap though. how much closer can you get?
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>> hold on karen. >> not like if you were at a party and your husband was sitting there and asked another woman, hey, why don't you come sit on my lap, you wouldn't have a problem with it? yes or no? >> not if it was that way. they're on tv, it is very public, in front of all kinds of people. she is sitting really upright. >> but even more so because it is public that you shouldn't do that, right? >> not like they're being cytisi. have you ever people all the sudden really flirting or real cutesy or your friends that you always have to worry about? >> our floor director agrees with you, diane a-okay, cool, you can be friends, all that, but why? like why? it is a dam a. doing facebook live. let me show you. all do you have do is take that camera phone and just move t if you want to show her (is it necessary hey come sit on my lap. you know? i just feel while it is not cheating, not making out with her, but why? why? >> i think some people are just touchy. >> my house real cute friends. >> different between cupy and
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in my lap touchy. that's another level of touchy. >> i don't think avenue huge problem, if you're real good friends with people, i don't think that was inapropriate. i don't think that was crossing a line, i don't think that's where they're lovey dovey. >> i don't think implying something necessarily going on, but certain level where you don't sit on a person's lap, and i know some people just shouldn't even hug. >> i don't know about hugs. >> no, no. come on, karen. we're all family here. >> no, but, no, you know i'm hugger, the first one to hug, but there is a line where it is kind of like you give the side eye, why is this person on your lap, why do you have the hand around them? you know, to each its own. but i think it is inch appropriate. >> when you invite someone to sit on your lap specially if it is good friends of your girlfriends. guys, i think you noah little better than there is you'll create conflict in the relationship. and then the same thing for the girlfriends zero say wait a minute, how would so-and-so responds to me sitting on their man's lap. >> tow meaning, the only lap imette st. guillen ' okay with
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you silk on is santa's, okay? that one i'm cool. but don't come sitting on my man's lap. i feel like that's a little much. like let's, you know, the two pat tap on the back. >> let's do high five and we'll be just fine. >> i'm okay with a quick hug. >> don't even look at her. but you notice on the video she didn't really look at him. look off camera. >> i'm okay quick hug, no longer than three seconds. >> two bibles inbetween. >> leave room for geez us. >> if it happens do you have a conversation with your manor have a conversation with your girlfriends? >> he started it, he asked her, probably i don't want to be awkward on facebook live, i'll dough this. >> no you as the girlfriend watching that, would you have a conversation say russell with your man? or with your best friend? >> i would have a conversation with him, he asked her to sit on the lap. it is not like she -- i think it would be completely different story hey i'll just sit on your lap without him asking. he vine i had hey come sit here. so she sat. therefore since you initiated it, if you are going to have a conversation, which i don't know if it is enough for a
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whole conversation. i just think i would be like hmm. >> there are some women that can't stop from want to go have everybody lover them. even if they're, you know. >> even flirt with the husband. and that's where i feel like it is a different line. i didn't see any of that there. if she was moving in -- >> past history of doing that would you say then knock. >> then totally different. >> we don't know about yolanda, hold on. >> so bottom line if you see karen's husband out, feel free, sit on her husband's lap. >> i didn't say that. i could hug his friends, i didn't say you could sit on his lap. >> he has some cute friends. >> anyway, let's talk about recess, and the games that we play whether it comes to recess. everyone has their favorite games. seems like tag is one of those stay that's everybody has played, everybody knows about. can you believe that one school is banning the game of tag? so this is in california. it is gold ridge elementary school. and they're knicking the game. they say just got too rough
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with students. student caught tagging each other, they'll receive a warning, then a referral, then parent teacher conference. so a lot of parent aren't happy about this. but a school spokesman said it is not uncommon for any school to have rules about recess. >> i just finds that shocking. that's one of my favorite games for my kids to play because they're running, getting exercise, in group setting. that's what my middle dude probably plays every single day. so i think it is really important. the other game they play is gaga, where you pelt the other kid with the ball. part of what being a child is about. >> but can't you just say hey guys let's not be too rough? >> you can but you always run the racing? >> what did you do, chalk every day? boys aren't girls. can't have them sit around and do nothing. >> i agree with the school district, need to ban t i enjoyed playing tag and flag football all of that stuff growing up. but nowadays we have so many parents, because children are getting hurt, you have parent going after the school district, and school districts are losing so much money over
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these lawsuits, where at the simply can't afford it. >> we need our kids to have physical activity. >> i agree 100%. >> then what do they play? >> there has to be a balance. >> what do they play. >> children get hurt, first place you go after, you go after the school district. because you say you didn't protect my child. they got injured during school hours. >> that means no jingle gyms, no playgrounds, children get hurt in all kinds of ways. even if you're not running around playing tag, they'll be running around doing something else. >> it is part of childhood, you get injured, you have fall, i had so much stitches growing up, part of growing up and being active. nowadays where we have parent suing the school districts, simply can't afford. >> but the kids can't sit in school if they don't have the time to get out and play. jenn fred our kids in the same district, our schools are adding a second recess, actually adding in more recess, so many kids want the kids, so wound up in school, and they need that time, jen? >> reporter: thomas, i beg to differ with you on couple every things, i don't think school district should be running away from lawyers and lawsuit. they're not in the business of
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running scared. that's number one. two, the two times that i have ' been called from the school for brody when he was in elementary school, a kid pushed him off the chair in the library. okay? you will ban libraries? i mean these kids trip in the hallway, art class, they get poked in the hands with stuff. so i do think even in a classroom setting where it is, you know, all sitting in their chairs, i heard about something kids, scuffling, and one kid went to the emergency room. just for being in the classroom. so i don't think that you can say absolutely no tag. i think do you have deal with a child that might be pushing too hard or doing something too physical. but i don't believe in the overall, like i said, are we going to ban libraries because brody got pick up after being pushed down at the library? so again it was more about making sure that the children were behaving, in a certain way, and i can tell you one thing, even though i thought it was kind of unusual that a kid had to go to the doctor after being at the library, i didn't call my lawyer. you know? so i think the kids got it run around, we talk a little bit about this second row zest,
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and in europe, and all over the place. they're having kids get out there, get physical, run around with each other. i think that works better than banning something overall. >> i hear what you're saying, look, it is a society we live in. it is the fact. you're not a mom who would go after the school district, but we do have parent throughout who do. the fact that taxes keep going up, we still have to pay for these lawsuits, and pain for, i think there is a fine line here. so we need to find physical activities that balance out that work for our children, but the sad fact, and the sad reality is, jen, we do live in a society where parent go after the school district because their child gets hurt. doesn't necessarily mean that we should ban them. i don't know. i don't know. >> trying to waiver ahead of time, hey? >> quinn got burned with a glue gun. >> i had hairline fracture playing soccer. my parent didn't go after the school district, but you do raise the risk, and it raises the question. >> by the way, a lot of people wearing in on the sierra russell wilson thing. a lot of people are agreeing
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with karen, we're making too much of it, it explains a lot, because car send a married one and she is okay with it and we're the single ones. >> until it happens to your man, and then you're going have a different opinion. why she is sitting on my man's lap. but ya. >> but you know your friends, like you know your friends do you have worry b you know the ones you don't have to worry about. >> what's the ones you don't have to worry about that you do need to worry about. >> either way interesting discussion. >> we're all human. >> yes. so there are some new genes on line turning few heads. calling them the new mom jeans. so, the mother owe clear panel mom jeans, maybe more the love thirds so we can see them, can be found on nordstrom, high cut waste, multiple puck et cetera, clear knee panel. colored g to the clothing description, offer duty styling never looked so good. so, if interested, they cost you 95 bucks. >> oh, man. >> why? like why the clear pan else? >> it could be the newest thing ever. >> interesting. >> you know knees are the sexiest thing on a person's body.
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so? >> are they? what are you trying say? >> remember it used to be ankles back in the turn of the century, women would be like scandelous by showing their ankles? >> oh! >> now showing the knees. all right then. well, it seems terrible two's happen to everyone, even celebrities. hayden, she shared picture on twitter. snow is her two year old, mopping up pea? the national, i don't know if i should have said, that wrote on the post: and then your daughter peas on the floor of the airplane bathroom. but look at that baby girl helping mama clean. at least i know some people just leave it there, so i'm glad they're cleaning it up. >> when you got to go, you got to go. >> that's my life. if she had boys? it never stops. >> all over? >> what she said to me before i had my kids, oh, my gosh, there is wiz all over the place, all you've ever done, mom, i'm done, still want my to wipe their bottoms. i pediatric all over the floor and tried to wipe it up with my clothes. we call it hat in the hat
9:15 am
situation. take a mess, make it more messy than the cat in the hat. whatever got the cake all over the bathtub, then cleans it with the dress, then throws the dress on the wall. cat in the hat. that's what happens with that. one bad thing. >> and then changing the diapers and trying to avoid the stream? >> oh, full in the face. pea is a fact of life with children. a lot of that cleaning. wipes. >> remember, one of your sons ate the magnet. more than pea then you had to go through? just saying. >> i did. and were you here for that? i had to find the mag net? >> and she didn't use gloves or did you use gloves? >> no, i didn't use gloves, toyed finds it. it was like -- >> why were you looking for the mag net. >> because it can kill you. >> oh, today make sure, okay. >> i thought were you going to reuse the magnet oring? >> oh,. >> hanging on the fridge with the hand drawn -- okay. >> too funny. >> a story for everything. too fun. >> i speaking of kids, apparently to a lot of kids, they don't know commercials, guys, they think they're just a thing of the past. that is new pole that is suggesting in majority every
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kids growing up in households, they only use streaming services like netflix, so therefore if you are using a that, no commercials. according to this stud 82% of kids raised on streaming their unfamiliar of the idea of commercial breaks, 82%. that's crazy, isn't it? >> callen, i had to explain to him, my three year old, like mom, what's that? it is a commercial. >> a commercial? >> so we always have the conversation, he christ, like he has to wait. wait for it. wait for it. and we say until we get through the commercial time until the show starts again, when we watch some of it live, it is an issue. >> i kind of like commercial breaks sometimes, because it is like that's when you can run up, grab something from the kitchen, get your stuff together, maybe get extra blanket. >> we get spoiled. i dvr everything. the reason so you can go to bed early, ya, but go through all of the commercials. and then you realize it is not on dvr, oh, i have to sit through the commercials? so you can kind of identify with how the kids are feeling. but kids are spoiled these days. everything is on demands, you
9:17 am
got the tablet. back in the day you had those three channels. i think one of the channels was black and white. >> yes? >> you had to flip it. and sit through those commercials. >> well, one thing i miss, too, you're right, go to bed early, so just easier to dvr being i do the freon demands, i don't have the fancy cable stuff. but i've noticed that i never know when new movies are coming out because it is like i miss all of the movie trailers because i'm not watching commercials. so many people oh, have you heard about this one coming? no, what's that? so we talked to kevin mccarthy, okay, let me figure out what this is, let me google it. one thing i miss about commercials, even though it is easier. >> my kids when do see them, they think everything is fact. mom should buy that, that's really good. we really need that. you need this vitamin. i always make them watch the news at 30:00, mom you need those vitamins, whatever the medical products being sold. so that's the down side. they think all of that is truth. >> buy me the latest toy. you have smart kids. >> well, i don't know about all that. >> well, they're smart, right?
9:18 am
>> at least average. at least average. >> take after their mama. >> at least average. wow. kids watching? mama lovers you. >> maybe they're at school already even though there was a delay. >> posting on social media very important part of life for more and more people. >> a lot of people they want to show how cool they look while out with their friends, want to put this persona out there. a lot of times not the real thing, but want to make it look that way. but what if you had this great night out, oh, i want to go do this, i know it will be great instagram opportunities, then your friends cancel on you? well there is a company out there that has a solution. why don't you rent a friends in ya. that way you don't have to take those pictures alone, especially those adventure filled self eels. japanese company called family romance. and yes, they offer service called real appeal. where you are able to select the gender, age, the appearance of urie guess call them fake friends, and in order to take pictures for social media and appear more popular. and event or person may need it hire friends, so it is like birthday party, holiday
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parties, pictures, trips, take these people on trips? really? and it is two hours for each person you hire. and prices start at $70. so $70 for every two hours. >> people use this service say they're pleased with the result. got more likes and more comment. so at the point now where we're buying, basically, buying comments and likes. buying people so get more likes. >> really? has it come to this folks? >> how just being more like be? >> ya. actual likable. >> actually likable, yes. >> can you hand me the website for this. p>> stop it. >> i do need more friends in my instagram feed. >> oh, you have tons every friends. >> you're always out. always doing things. >> thomas is always busy. you were talking about last week you got an invite to something, oh, i didn't get invited to that. >> i'll hook you up. >> that hook up never came by the way. >> no it, doesn't. because i wasn't really invited. i stands at the window and hope, hope they'll invite me in. >> my thing, too, starting to get afraid to do things by
9:20 am
ourselves. like maybe because i'm an only child, with this business do you have move to different places but i enjoy taking myself to do things whether it is going to concert or going out to eat. like if my friends cancel me, oh, i still want to go so i am gay by myself. take my stove a play. i love taking myself out on dates. good thing to have that me time. and you know what i mean? why does it have to have someone else there. >> what's a date night with alex holley like? >> last date i took myself on, i went to new york, i saw kinky boots. so i took, i hadn't been in a long time. >> saw that as well. >> it was really good. >> see, we are were probably there. >> we have sat together. >> good thing about it you get better seats looking for only one. i did the half price thing. >> they do that with hamilton every now and again, sell the single seats. also have did you know hamilton lottery that you can enter every day? >> really? >> yes. >> i think hamilton is coming to philly soon. isn't it? i thought we did story on that way back. we have to check. >> i always get the e-mail try again. >> it would definitely be the traveling show when we get it,
9:21 am
but i'm sure very good. >> i'll take it. >> the closest we'll get for sure watch did you say, megan? sorry? oh, it is in talks, that's what we d. >> don't get too many people excited yet we'll let you know it it happens. >> simmer down. beyonce, did she reveal the sex of the twins? what the beehive spotted in this photo that has them convinced that she just dropped a big hint. are we reaching, or is she really dropping a hint here? we'll let you decide. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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>> so we will get porche's opinion on this, zombie ansy fans, they think though know the sex of her twins all because of some earrings she was wearing, porche, i need to you explain, and i want to know if you agree. >> okay, will, i'll tell you this, so beyonce lovers to tees her fans with little clues here and, there right? so, she recently posted a picture of her nef this black dress, of course definately pregnant, bump out everything.
9:25 am
but her fans saw her earrings, noticed they were the exact same silver earrings from her video if i were a boy from 2008. so, yes, her fans have taken the time to go all the way back to the archives and pull out the fact that these are the same earring. now, the song is called if i were a boy, so then, wait a minute, i guess that means that she's having a boy. one of her twins may be a boy, or maybe both of them may and boy. you know? and then, but beyonce does this all the time. like i said, when she was pregnant we didn't noshow was pregnant yet, but christmas posted a picture in front of her christmas tree, and she hell up two fingers like this. of course, she is pregnant with twins now, now we know that probably was also a sign, and then when she released the picture of her maternity pictures, she had on blue panties, and a little pink bo. so that made all of the beehive feel like maybe she is having a boy and a girl. so, i don't know if she is just playing with us or what. but that's definitely a sign
9:26 am
to me that she would go and pull out those earrings from that video. >> or maybe she just needed to reuse them? she likes them, oh, i will ' wear these, pull them out of the closet? >> i would believe that if we weren't talking about the diva beyonce, who has probably millions of pairs of earrings, and, you know? i don't know. i think this is on purpose to tees us. >> i have to ask you, getting a lot of reaction, i don't know if you heard oris he will wilson and sierra chat. russell asked sierra's best friend to sit on his lap during a live facebook chat. would that bother you if your man asked your best friend to sit on his lap? >> it won't bother me if he asked it, would bother knee she did t even if innocent, oh, come here, she should know, oh, oh, i shut not sit on porche's man's lap. i just think for me, i don't think they meant anything by it, i think it is a little too close for comfort. and i don't want my girl that familiar with my man, you know what i mean?
9:27 am
i wouldn't like it. >> other women though. >> see, porche some people are clapping back on us on social media saying because we're single we think this. but married people -- >> oh, i know. >> married people think it is okay. >> they said yesterday on dish nation they were like oh, that means you're insecure, well then i'm insecure. i don't want the girl on my man's lap. call me what you want. don't sit on my man's lap, you know what i mean? >> thank you, poor shaft by the way love your hair. >> loving the hair. >> look at you. >> oh, thank you. >> toni braxton right now. >> oh, all right. >> looking good, porche. >> oh, ya love it. >> thanks. >> 9:27. well, we all know the flower show is in town. >> yes? >> and they've flower tasting, you can go and eat all kinds of flowers. i have it on my facebook page. i tried six, seven different flowers. now i'm on this whole flower kick. so now we will tell you there is a place, not affiliated with the flower slow, you know, not at the flower show.
9:28 am
where you can drink flowers. so i'll show you where in my alex and town. >> testing. >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. i laugh, i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin.
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♪ >> so, this is alex around town there is more than one way to stop and enjoy the flowers. you can go to the flower show and, taste them, or you can drink them. yes, i'm talking about drinking flowers. i took one of our interns and we went to go got some spotted tea. so for this weeks alex around town i wanted to do something tea-related because i love tea and we love flower show so it just works. we are here at rittenhouse at the tea room and i'm here with melony. >> hi. >> melony, you have never had
9:32 am
a tea service. >> no, never. >> this will be fun because at rittenhouse here they really necessity how to do it right. ajes especially knows. >> good afternoon how are you. we will have some tea but tea that has to do with flowers. we have, a blooming tea and a rose i tea but first we will start with some champagne. >> i gave up everything for le nt but water you cannot have a toast before bubbles. >> thank you. >> are we toasting, perfect. >> okay. >> ♪ >> all right, ladies, here's first tea that we will have. this is our tea, chinese tea wrapped around mar gold flowers. >> it will bloom before our eyes. >> yes, so inside tea leaves are three flowers. when we pour in the water you will see the bulbs start to saturate and then settle down at the bottom. within the next two minutes you will see tea leaves opened , expand to release all
9:33 am
of the mar gold flowers. >> there it goes. >> the first course we have here are saferry and scones, we have traditional scone a swedish scone with orange and and then we have a scone. >> are you ready for more tea, melony. >> definitely. >> here comes tea, number two. for you today we will have our persian roast, persian roast is a black tea from virginia lanning a and it will be blend ed with rose pedals and powerage and lavender. this will take another three minutes for some more time. >> more time, that means more time to wait, and watch. what are we watching for. >> do you see, the tea leaves, again, they are going to start , to come and then they will start, you can see them, they will be expanding, and the thing you will notice is the flowers, especially rose pedals will rise to the top. >> okay.
9:34 am
>> wow, never taste anything like it before. >> does it taste like flowers, right. >> yes. >> we have more to taste, actually. >> all right. ladies. here is your dessert course. >> they look so great. >> well, thank you melony for joining me. >> thank you. >> this has been such a great time. while here at rittenhouse tea room they have tea all year long. if you want special flower show theme tea you can get it through sunday from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. because it is afternoon tea. so we will see you here at rittenhouse. this is this week's alex around town. >> that is an amazing girl day with your friend or with your mom, my mom loves tea so i will try to take her to do that, it is inspiration. >> go before sunday. i agree my mom growing up she used to take me to have tea. it was our mother/daughter time. >> i like the presentation, it was quite something. >> how did the tea taste. >> you are not just dedicated
9:35 am
to this. >> it is lent. >> so this is now week two, this is my trusty water bottle here and i will keep it water. >> i have been drinking bourbon and cokes during commercial breaks. >> i'm not doing it. >> technically tea is water, but i figure it is safe to just drink what ther with lemon or lime. >> good for you maybe it is rittenhouse hotel, it is the tea room and best to make reservationness advance. >> pretty cool. >> 9:35. do you remember the video we showed you, of will smith, bungy jumping. crazy, right. someone spotted something interesting, and you may have missed it, why what they saw has people clamoring for a fresh prince reunion, we will show you.
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♪ >> you just can't help but keep sing ago this do you know what i mean when he does that. so catchy, so great. so will smith is getting recognized for great acting but any he is getting a tension for looking like a former co-star from the former fresh prince of bellaire. we showed you the video of bungy jumping off the bridge in zimbabwe. he dit, and not only did he could it but he had a camera to see his face and reactions. you know internet, someone posted a freeze frame picture of him from the jump and look at it real closely they say he looks like uncle phil, you know, played by james avery from the show. so, what do you think, here's side by side. >> that is funny. >> well, we all get old. >> there is a meme willing
9:40 am
around, they look exactly alike, and so, a lot of people think this is funny and been going around. >> we all wanted an uncle phil , he passed away new years eve i think it was 2013, 68 years old, we look at that show and, we all wanted a doctor phil. did i say doctor phil. no, an uncle phil. he did kind of look like him there. >> he did, so we will see then , maybe they will do something with this. she has direct, acted in big movies but what is next may be herb biggest challenge just yet, what angelina jolie says is giving her butterflies in her stomach.
9:41 am
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it still feels like a ice box stepping outdoors, feels like temperatures in the single digits, pretty dry, quiet for now on ultimate doppler but upstream take a look at some of that snow, some will drift toward our area, later on today. in fact winter weather advisory posted north and west , we could see a dusting or a couple inches adding insult to injure to the lehigh valley and poconos, wind advisory elsewhere for wind gusting up to 30, 40 miles per
9:44 am
hour. so by 2:00 we are looking at those snow showers moving through the area, once again, don't be caught off guard by that, otherwise, temperatures not making ate above freezing. 30 degrees in philadelphia. down the shore, 31, mid 20's in the lehigh valley. then friday night into saturday, another little clip per-like system could bring wet snow north and west before it changes over to rain by saturday. i mean yeah it is march and how many days away from spring five. we are still dealing with winter, across the area guys, back over to you. 9:44. not to keep this going but people are still weighing in on sierra/russell wilson debate. all the way from texas, mr. holley, he has weighed in sending me texts. he has been married more than 32 years. he says maybe it is way were you raised, i agree i have no business asking another woman to sit on my lap no matter who she is, i consider it dis respectful to your mother. and then he goes on to say mr. x
9:45 am
if you have a man and asked another woman to sit on his lap dump him it could be a sign of a deeper problem. mr. holley speaks and he is married, i don't know. >> it is official. old school, right. >> isn't it the way were you raised. >> that might be tree in the south, and, more conservative, i don't know. he has taken that advice and it worked for him. he is mar mid two years. >> oh, no, your momma would not approve. >> every year it seems kid are getting more creative with their high school prom proposals and when i was going to prom, we didn't have this kind of stuff. did you have these elaborate prom proposals no. >> crazy. ohio teen is getting national attention for this one. he is 17 years old, jordan fuller, a cross country runner at finally high school and he used his endurance to ask his girlfriend claire, to the dance. so using a run tracking app he ran five and a half miles just
9:46 am
to spell the word prom with the question mark. >> can you believe that. >> of course, she said yes. >> i'm not making this up there is a track in swede bureau last year when i was, going do to exercise, it is you go around will you go to and i don't know fit was home coming or prom, home coming with me. >> it is cool to do that. >> i remember i got a phone call hey what are you doing for home coming, do you want to go or prom. >> yeah, hey, i am like you didn't ask me. i just assumed we were going together so it is not necessary. so, okay. did you have a elaborate ask. >> just exactly like that, a friend ask you the question like it is no big deal, almost like they will not look at you ,. >> it is too cool. >> will you go with me. >> yes, do you want to go. >> we were afraid of rejection >> prom, yes, no, maybe, boom, that is it, done. >> high school. >> yes. >> it is just passing notes.
9:47 am
>> we didn't have phones, we could not text back then. >> how would you do it then, if you weren't doing notes. >> will you go to the prom with me? >> no, you are trying to talk tour friend. >> elementary school, middle school. >> no in high school. >> teachers pet. >> i sat alone in the corner. i had to buy my friend to give me this. >> final stop on the left over express, we have been giving you ideas for what to make with all of that left over storm food, right. jen has moved again, this time she's at pine fish. >> we have got a couple different takes but it is still old theme, it is bread, eggs and milk. come on back we will tell you what we're doing. or we will do it right now >> good morning. >> so, tell me what is in here >> well, this is a fratata and
9:48 am
it is a baked omelette and in this is milk, eggs and actually bread which thickens the milk. this is a tomato and shrimp. >> would you like soak the bread in the stuff and then it kind of -- >> exactly. >> this will be object our menu for april 9th when we start our new brunch menu. >> you said that this is a take on something old. >> on the old fish market, shrimp and tomato pie. >> yes. >> you have to have a burger. now they are ready to eat, they have had all versions of everything, this is a really cool burger. >> we will use our egg and then some bread and even if it is there you can heat it up, you can, on the grill, but we have put an egg on this one, it has a potato crisp, some great bacon, and then tomatoes >> a lot of people like using grill because they don't have power. >> one way to cook, right. >> yes. >> this is also offered on monday night half price burger specials.
9:49 am
>> really. >> yes. >> the thing is, do you think that people want to cook after , i mean we asked a couple questions on social media, do you have to feel badly for the delivery guy? i say delivery guy is happy to make money. >> i think you are right. i used to be in that business. we make a lot of money those days. >> number two, do you want to keep cooking or are you done after the storm. >> for me i'll be cooking. because i love to cook. >> anything special we need to know about making this at home >> no, you can just go on line and look for different recipes , strada. >> it is baked. put your egg mixture into a pan, and stick it in the oven, that is it, 25 minutes, it pops up, it is beautiful. it will come up about that thick and you can cut it in wedges if you want. >> do you put shrimp or whatever you have up ton. >> there is shrimp inside,.
9:50 am
>> well, thank you. thank you for hooking us up on a storm day. >> nice to see you. >> guys, that is where we are, blue fish, 12th and pine. >> 1138 pine. you have a good question. >> what is difference between a strada and fratata. >> yeah, one is italian, one is french. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> how about that, i didn't know that. >> more you know. >> 9:50. we're used to seeing prince williams in official photos, kind of like this but it is, snap, we are seeing a different side you have to see this video he was caught dancing, and it is funny, i think he was in the club too.
9:51 am
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philadelphia international airport, everything is back to normal. >> long time before that snow melts. >> my mother thought it was white to come to philly, she will be arriving at the airport. we were hoping it was still white but she's in the air now , we will see her soon. prince william hits the club. wait until you see his dance moves, trust me, prince william like you have never seen him before tmz got this footage and just watch. >> ♪ >> wait. >> he has those hand in the air. >> raising the roof. >> look at him look at the girl in front of the camera, like hmm. >> yes. >> a lot of people are like,
9:55 am
this is during a ski trip with his buddies and he was just moving, and everything is just moving over to the side. they found it interesting because when you think about it, prince harry, maybe prince harry doing this but prince harry but prince william, it is just different. >> you really don't care. >> yes, and then it has to go backup and then back to the side. >> he was raising the roof. >> some people are like hand dancers are more body. >> girl always does the one arm. >> yeah. >> some people are calling them dad moves because he is such a dad, right. >> go to moves, you know, you don't know, rhythm, and beat, it is just feeling it. >> yes. >> i would love it, even though he is prince william he still goes to the club and he had a little something, something enjoying himself.
9:56 am
>> is that the liquid courage. i'm doing this thing. >> we love it. >> exactly. >> let's talk angelina jolie she just took her first step into the single world. she was a get at london school of economics speaking about woman's rights. she spoke of her experience and answered questions on her work, as u.n. special envoy and she admitted she was very nervous. she had butterflies before doing this but in a masters course, at the school. so this is a introduction. so look at that. >> she has done so many things interesting this would make her nervous but you can understand standing in front of the classroom full of individual, staring at you have word. >> and it is economics. >> which is weird because we do this, we have three cameras position and we are used to it sometimes when do you speaking engagements, is it not toughest when in front of the middle school kid and elementary school kid. >> high school. >> high school. >> yeah. >> because they are all judging and that can be the
9:57 am
one that makes me nervous. >> it is hard to get their attention. what is going on, seriously. >> it is like little won, you have to have something exciting, and hand out stuff. >> lots of movement, for sure. >> it won't be just, look at you, at movies at mtv move a ward. tv is getting in on the action mtv say they will air in may and first time in 25 year history they will be award for tv. that category has not been announced yet but for best kiss, best shirtless performance. so tv award we think is coming >> it is move a ward, not mtv tv move a ward. okay, is that the name, officially megan? mtv movie and tv award. >> what does that say just dance it got to be okay. >> is that what were you going to q up next. >> what are you going to do with your mom when she comes in. >> i don't know, maybe we will go to the flower show. >> did you tell her to be prepared for this weather.
9:58 am
>> she will be bundled up, she will. >> have a great day, everybody
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we won't judge. but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: ta-da! thank you for watching.


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